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Le crépuscule des lions
un film de
Stéphane Chopard

Sortie :
Première diffusion le dimanche 27 dcembre 2009
Durée : 01h26

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were one million lions in Africa.

Today, the animal we think of as the King of the Beasts has seen its numbers dropping at an alarming rate.

Now there are only thirty thousand left!

Although Kenya has been as badly hit as other countries by this sad state of affairs, a group of scientists has recently started working with the Maasai to try and save the last big cats in the region.

By focusing on a pioneering project, "Living With Lions", this film makes an appraisal of a situation that is affecting the whole of Africa. 

Image Yanick Gentil
Son David Lipka
Musique Sébastien Souchois
MontageStefan Richter
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