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un film de
Pea Holmquist & Suzanne Khardalian

Sortie :
Durée : 00h52

In this documentary, the filmmakers follow Vandana Shiva over a two-year period, from her organic farm at the foot of the Himalaya to institutions of power all over the world. Here Vandana Shiva does battle with one of her toughet opponents, Monsanto, a huge American biotech company, when they try to patent an ancient Indian strain of wheat. Together with Dalits she tries to close down a Coca-Cola plant in Kerala, in a conflict involving groundwater pollution. In this film Vandana Shiva also tackles the question of farmer' suicide as a blacklash of the globalisation.
a film by Pea Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian
photography Thomas Lindén SuLekh Bertram Verhaag
editor Lisa Ekberg
soundsound Jean Noel Yven Toby Trotter Jonstan Karlsson
mix Fabrice Chantome
musicTuomas Kantelinen Indian Ocean Rupi Mahindroo
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